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A New Universe

of Roadway Risk

With a substantial number of drivers armed

with cellphones, Americans can no longer

trust the other driver is paying attention.

Did you know?

Prevention of distracted driving has been

named as the National Safety Transportation

Board's top priority

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Distracted Driving Attorney Douglas R. Horn

Missouri Crash Lawyer & Driver Safety Advocate

With 25 years of experience in motor vehicle accident law and crash litigation, Kansas City Attorney, Douglas R. Horn, is devoting a substantial portion of his professional abilities and resources to the advancement of driver safety, particularly in the areas of distracted driving prevention and teen driver protection.


During the course of his legal career, Horn has developed an expertise in a wide range of traffic safety issues, including distracted driving prevention strategies.

In 2011 Horn formed Drive By Example, a public service organization dedicated to the development of effective driver safety communications programs.


Using the Drive By Example platform, Horn has been a consistent voice in effectively addressing America’s top driving safety priorities. Horn is also a frequent media contributor, making regular TV, radio, print, and online appearances, with a focus in distracted driving prevention.

Reporters and other media who are doing driver safety related stories are encouraged to contact Horn at dhorn@hornlaw.com or 816-795-7500.

Doug R. Horn, Distracted Driving Attorney
Douglas R. Horn: Attorney, public figure, and leader in the fight against Distracted Driving
About Doug

“We must act now to curb the distracted driving epidemic which has seized our nation”

What started out as a texting teen driver problem, has now grown into a full-blown distracted driving epidemic.


Aside from talking and texting, drivers of all ages now use their cell phones to navigate, update social media, email, surf the web, and a host of other smart phone functions. This, coupled with the fact that cell phone use is often habit-forming and addictive, is why U.S. highway safety experts believe the distracted driving epidemic will get worse before better.


Add this to the rising number of drivers who have cell phones at their fingertips and the reality that distracted driving laws aimed at reducing cell phone use behind the wheel are difficult to enforce, and you can see why motorists face a new universe of risk on America’s roadways.

Distracted Driving Prevention

As both an advocate bringing public awareness to the distracted driving epidemic through public speaking, conferences, and programs, and as an attorney dealing with a myriad of distracted driving cases every year, I have identified three major solution areas:

Traffic Safety Campaigns

Traffic Safety Campaigns

Appealing to a driver’s self-protection will form the foundation of an effective distracted driving campaign.

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School Districts

School Districts

Maximize teen driver protection and restore a safe driving culture that can extend to the entire school system.

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Influence employees to model the safe driving habits and behaviors that protect everyone involved.

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Distracted Driving Cases

If you or someone you know has been injured or killed by a distracted driver, you can contact Attorney Doug Horn for free legal consultation.


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